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Mental health problems surround all of us, whether it’s in a professional or personal context, and sadly it’s on the increase. A recent study estimated that one in four adults will experience a mental health problem, and one in ten children experience mental illness. The impact of traumatic experiences on a developing child’s brain can be a huge risk factor for mental health issues and illness.

You see, physical health is often seen as tangible. We all notice a deep cut and the blood that follows, but what about the cuts made from trauma? You can’t see those, right? And yet we are expected to heal again and again without the right support, nurturing and treatment. Unresolved trauma has one of the biggest impacts in the deterioration of mental and physical health. Left unaddressed, it could lead to devastating results. 

My name is Poonam and having practiced as a Registered Mental Health Nurse for just over 15 years, I’ve seen first hand how trauma can affect people. Our mental health is our wealth, and so I founded Mental Wealth Matters to achieve a clear goal:

To help people understand how trauma induces poor mental health and how to address this, change how they talk to themselves and teach them how to being the lifelong process of self-nurturing.

We do this by providing healthcare professionals with the tools to support their client group through workshops, training sessions and trauma work. Book a call and let’s have a chat about how we can help you.

Who We’ve Helped

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I’ve found that Poonam’s work as a consultant has greatly improved the capabilities of the work I do as a special needs teacher. I’ve been able to enhance my understanding of the impact of trauma in the early years of childrens’ lives. It has helped me become aware of and encompass a great deal of mindfulness within my teaching practice.

Kavindar Bhullar

Early Years Teacher

I have worked with Poonam for many years now and have always found her to be professional and thorough in her work. She is passionate in what she does and gives her 100%. She has an innate ability to help people to understand their trauma and make the necessary changes to promote their mental wellbeing. She works in a versatile manner whereby she is able to recognise the varying needs of adults and children. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone wanting to work with her. 

Khushbir Green

Director at Shine Fostering

Poonam and her team at Mental Wealth Matters are one of the most passionate that I’ve ever come across. They truly care about the work they do and really go deep into how trauma affects people. I had no idea how much of an effect it could have on people and I’m proud to say that I can rely on them for the education needed to best address certain taboo issues. 

Aman Birdi

Pharmacist at Ruislip Manor Pharmacy

What We Do

From workshops to direct care and foster care support, there is a solution to help you.

Training & Workshops

Run workshops around childhood trauma/self-esteem for healthcare professionals and service users, plus training sessions to provide a better understanding of mental health and wellbeing

Organisational Support

Provide guidance around healthy living, encompassing mental and physical health, for organisations to implement and support their staff

Direct Care

Run therapy groups and work directly with adults alongside other health & social care professionals to achieve better care outcomes

Foster Care Support

Help children in foster care and promote their mental wellbeing, as well as providing training and support for foster carers

Meet Poonam, Our Founder

Meet Poonam, Our Founder

Through all of my years working in healthcare, I have seen the power that trauma has in the deterioration of mental health. It always results in the breakdown of any emotional self-care and physical wellbeing, yet most people suffer in silence.

Having experienced postnatal depression and anxiety myself, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of ‘keeping it together’ for my family’s sake and not wanting to appear weak nor vulnerable. This also stemmed from some of my own trauma roots. In addition, I come from a culture where mental health issues are taboo and brushed under the carpet. I decided from the day that the dark cloud needed to be lifted I had to speak out. I was determined that mental health was no longer going to be the silent killer that it is today and that I wanted to convey the message of us needing to accumulate our mental wealth.

From here, Mental Wealth Matters was born. I firmly believe that anyone who has the willingness to change has the power to overcome their internal obstacles. I have been privileged enough in my working life to help foster children, care leavers, adults suffering from addiction and those with eating disorders – all with varying degrees of trauma, to create change in their lives. The power is already in them. I simply give them the little nudge they need to unlock internal doors and show them how to truly value themselves.

Hear From Jerome Harvey-Agyei

Founder of The Tope Project

Poonam is definitely a person I admire. Her care, insight and awareness around mental health and trauma is second to none. She has the ability to go deep which also helps elevate her understanding of a situation and prevent it from going wrong. She is warm, friendly and loving which helps people relax in her presence, be their authentic selves and open up about what has been bothering them.

I have also seen her challenge and interrupt people’s thoughts as to avoid projection onto others. It takes some skill to do this but shows how committed she has been to helping others. Working with Poonam is just as energising as her energy is rich with insight, resolve and love to better lives around her. She is always learning something new which is crucial in this day of information and informs the freshness of her approach.

Be sure that if you work with Poonam, take of that mask, or she will help you reveal your true self – in a loving way of course! Be prepared for some truth telling, some good laughs and beautiful space and time.”

Be Part Of The Change.

Discover how we can help your organisation to improve the mental wellbeing  of adults and children you work with by empowering them with the tools to create lasting change in their lives.